Passion is the author of creation. A person’s creativity is directly associated with his or her passion to do so. Passion inspires creation, it allows a person to do remarkable things. Great people of history and of our time are known to be passionate people. Inspiration ignites our desires and leads to creation.

If we take a look at the world’s most creative and inspiring individuals – Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, John Lennon ( the list goes on)-    and we truly look at what they have given us, it is undoubtedly clear that they followed their heart, imaginations and deepest desires to create and make a change. Neither of them allowed their passion to wane, they persisted with their pursuit to create something that seemed unimaginable.

“I have no special talents.
I am only passionately curious.”

-Albert Einstein

But what happens when you lose it… your passion that it? Creativity suffers. If passion is something that wells up from a person’s desire and personality, how can we lose it? Passion is like a fire, when you restrict oxygen to it, it will stop burning, it can be lost when we restrict feeding it. If someone can’t do something that he has the passion to do, it will eventually diminish and worse, may totally fade away.

Imagine someone who’s on the first day on his first job. He/she is excited about everything! They got the job they wanted and are super hyped to be part of the company as a new creative director, the eagerness to create and contribute to the company’s success is almost explosive. They were told the company provides creative freedom and encourages expression… you know, the famous “We don’t let clients dictate our creative process” line…. Well, fast forward a year, that fire has now dwindled to nothing but a warm coal because the ability to create has been painfully stifled because, every day the creative director is being directed by clients who like to play designer. If you want a good laugh, check out The oatmeal and this article that perfectly depicts what I’m referring to.

The pressure of our current society, the pressure to conform with what’s “normal”, the pressure to fit their definition of beautiful and successful is what kills passion. We are being restricted by what society thinks is good. Parents are forcing their kids to become lawyers when they want to be artists. We force others to become someone they don’t want to. The economy also plays an important role in restricting the passion out of our hearts. That’s why we lack new ideas today. Because of passion deficiency, we lack to drive to create, and because we can’t create, we tend to copy and go with what’s in. Yes, we believe that passion is important in any endeavor and we do things to ignite a passion for people, but we fail to realize that it is also us who kills it.

Let’s fire it up! It’s time that we break the cage that imprisons our passion. It’s time to give people the freedom they need to pursue what they love. We need to get out of a boxed mindset of the so-called surefire formula to success. The truth is, success is not defined by society, it is defined by the person itself. Some people find success in money, but some find success in being able to go all out with what they’re passionate about. Our job is not to dictate people but to guide them. A true leader is someone who guides others to find their passion and help them nurture it.

It’s a good thing that modern technology is giving opportunities to people to earn a living with what they love, this is a good start, however, we need to lessen the restriction on people’s passion. This will allow their creativity to blossom and eventually, mankind will benefit from it.

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